FORMOTIONS . Digitale Methoden 4 WS 06 und Digitale Methoden 4 Ws 07
Betreuer: Martin Frühwirth, Stefan Zedlacher

Our initial enquiry was stated as: “Is it possible to let a first sketch become an object, to design directly into space?” In using the Animation software Maya in a certain uncommon manner, the students had to create, modify and visualize formations of different objects as design proposals in real-time. In connection with the 3D-Motion-Capture System from VICON we invented a new method to digitize natural body movements and project them immediately onto virtual realms. Therefore we are able to extend the linear design process – from our intellect through our hand to one novel medium abstraction – with the simultaneousness of those mentioned steps. “Feeling and thinking while acting” [Protzen] “…Is there beauty in motion seen all on its own, without seeing the body that created it?